A standard house listing with 25 pictures takes about 1-2 hours to photograph. All real estate must be pre-staged and ready to shoot ahead of time to optimize best turn around times.

Please refer to our investment section for additional information.

Please refer to our “prepping for shoot” link to learn all you need to know about staging for your real estate photo shoot.

We typically can turn around a real estate shoot the same day. It really depends on our current work load and other factors that could push the turn around time longer then that. In most cases though we deliver your images in under 24 hours.

We will email you an invoice for the service. You can pay the invoice online through the invoice payment link, via credit card over the phone, mail a check, or provide us with a cash payment.

All high resolution images are uploaded to our Smugmug account. You will always have access to this account and we can lock it down or keep it open and free to share with whomever you like. This gallery you can drag and drop web compressed images directly from the gallery to your desktop or folder on your computer or you can use the provided FTP download link to download all the high resolution images directly to your computer. You can also share with social media and order prints directly through the site.

We require a 50% deposit before we can schedule any shoots and COD when the images are provided to the client.

No, the photos are the property of the photographer and the use of the photos is purchased as an agreement. You would be in violation of copyright and could face legal ramifications should the original photographer find out. Many people however do this and never get caught or perhaps the photographer did not care. Either way, in most cases, it is very likely our photography will much better represent your real estate then that of a previous listing.

No you can pull the images directly from the smugmug gallery link provided and they will be the prefect size to upload into MLS and FMLS. Now if for whatever reason these parameters change and you need a different size or saved format we can provide you with the images in that fashion no problem.

There are times when shoots have to be rescheduled and we understand this. Please reschedule all shoots within 24 hours notice. There will be a $75 fee for cancelation after 24 hours.

Access will need to be provided to the property, but it is not necessary to have someone present during the shoot.

With any photo shoot al the images are photoshopped. Aside from our amazing photography we are also just as good with photoshop. If you need to have a stain in the carpet removed or a fly on the wall taken out we do this with no question. We also adjust to make sure the perspective is perfect and lighting is balanced as well as shadows and highlights.

We always prefer to shoot when blue skies and rainbows but sometimes it rains or is overcast and you still need your photos to get that listing active and start scheduling showings. The great thing about our photoshop skills is we can take a photograph during a cloudy day and photoshop in blue skies and add the contrast that sunlight would present. The end user will never know the difference and neither will you.The good news is everybody wins!