We offer professional wide angle, full frame, Real Estate Photo, Video and Drone Footage. If you’re not using a qualified professional real estate photographer, you ARE losing money. Professional photography is an essential investment for gaining leads and making sales, and the faster you sell, the faster you get paid. Our clients have reported a 60% increase in lead conversions by using our photography.



$100 per Shoot

We shoot with an FAA registered Phantom 4 Pro drone. Depending on what your using the images for you may have a need for different aspect ratios. We can shoot in 3:2 Aspect Ratio: 5472 × 3648, 4:3 Aspect Ratio: 4864 × 3648 and or 16:9 Aspect Ratio: 5472 × 3078. Our pricing is as follows.

Includes aerial shots of exterior of home from all angles, North, South, East and West views from 200meters high, and a video circumference shoot so people can get a real good idea how the property lays out from an areal perspective. Drone shoots also include amenities if they have not been previously shot.


5 Cents/Sqft

On and off camera flash and HDR wide angle full frame camera real estate photos. For large square footage homes we recommend HDR photos since its not possible to use an on camera flash to fully and evenly light a very large room. HDR photography consists of 3-9 shot bracketed exposure using a full frame camera on tripod with a wide angle lens. Images are compiled in post to reveal a photo that has perfect detail in all shadows and highlights. Minimum $250 per shoot. 75 cents per mile travel charge from our office location in Buford, GA.



We shoot with an FAA registered Phantom 4 Pro drone and shoot up to 4k resolution. Final video cuts provided in MP4/MOV (AVC/H.264; HEVC/H.265) formats. Video includes 

$150 for a 2 minute final cut edited video overlaid to music with intro and outro. 


2 aerial photo with exterior radius drone footage = $250

4 aerial photos with exterior radius drone footage = $300

6 aerial photos with exterior radius drone footage = $350

12 aerial photos with exterior radius drone footage = $400

24 aerial photos with exterior radius drone footage = $450


We will do a virtual walk through of the property and view every room and exterior angles of property in wide angle HD format.  Editing includes a final cut video with copyright free background insturental music and intro and outro with property and agent details.

Properties under 1500 sqft = $150

Properties 1500 – 2000 sqft = $200

Properties 2000 – 2500 sqft = $250

Properties 2500 – 3500 sqft = $300

Properties 3500 – 4000 sqft = $350

Properties 4000 – 4500 sqft = $400

Properties 5000 – 5500 sqft = $450

Larger shoots are billed at $300 for the first hour and $200 for each additional hour of shooting.



This is the ultimate package encompassing everything you could possibly need. We will shoot HDR photos from the ground, aerial drone photos and video of the exterior, interior HDR photos, interior video footage. Client will receive access to all high resolution images and video raw files. WE will also edit and provide customer with all photos as well as a 2 minute feature video of the property. Editing includes a final cut video with copyright free background insturental music and intro and outro with property and agent details.

25 Cents/SqFt

Minimum of $500 for Package


All photos and video undergo basic editing in either photo shop, primer pro, after effects or final cut pro. For professional advanced photo or video editing we bill at an hourly rate of $75. We also offer virtual screen sharing with you or your clients so we can visually tweak colors to the clients or your needs. We can remove wall blemishes, add carpet where not existing, add appliances where missing, and other edits needed in urgency of getting your listing live. We do not want you to false advertise so this is only in the case when you have not had a chance to replace items or have repairs made yet. Our editing capabilities are quite endless.

Most real estate photography shoots can be turned around in 24 – 48 hours. For packaging that includes photo, video and drone footage, turn around times can be 3-5 business days. If we happen to be slow these times can be shorter. If we happen to be busy, it may take an additional 24- 48 hours. In most cases we turn around shoots the next day because we know how important it is for you to get your clients listing live!

All shoots incur a 75 cents per mile travel fee from our home office in Buford, GA.

Multiple Property Pricing: 

We work with management companies who oversee several rental units. We have photographed 1000 of rental properties in the Gulf of Mexico specifically. We frequent Panama City Beach, ft. Walton Beach, 30a, and San Destin at least once a month. WE are willing to travel anywhere in the world for mass rental unit coverage. Please call for details so we can get you a formal estimate on bulk real estate photo and video coverage.

Please see our below terms and conditions for other fees and costs that can be associated with your shoot. Its good to understand this before entering into a contract with PV Real Estate Photography so you are aware of all costs associated with a shoot. For instance if we visit a location to shoot that location and can not access the property, there are fees associated with this.   

Multiple Property Pricing Contingencies:

  1. If there is a property that I have previously photographed and the entire unit needs to be rephotographed the price is $75 because its the same amount of work regardless of being shot already.
  2. If you need me to go back to a unit that I have already photographed to capture a living room or balcony because there is new furniture or maybe you need a photograph of the bedroom because of new linens the price is $35.
  3. If I drive to a unit to photograph it and it is supposed to be available but there are renters in that unit or it is not cleaned yet, or under construction, being painted, etc I will have to charge $15.
  4. Any trip to Destin to shoot units must yield at least $300 (4 units). If I drive to Destin and 1 unit is removed from a 4 property shoot list, I will still be billing for the 4 properties. Basically I need to make at least $300 when I go to Destin to justify my time and drive expense.
  5. In circumstances where you request I stay an extra day to photograph other units that may not be available during the designated time frame, a minimum of 2 units is required and the additional night stay must be comped.