Corporate Headshots

They say a picture tells a thousand words and that first impressions last. These sayings may be cliches, but in business they are true. Your headshot is your personal logo and the first thing that people see. It is a major part of your customers deciding if they want to connect with you.

Having the first opportunity to create an impactful impression can help develop a personal connection with your target audience from clients, colleagues, and collaborators.

How It Works

We set up two soft white studio umbrellas to give you a very well-balanced light that is pure and color balanced.
We take several shots with the highest depth of field settings so every element is in perfect focus.
We do not crop in on shoulders to make it easier for advertising pieces. You don’t have to be in a box.
You are shot on a white background and clipped out later.
After taking several shots, we review the photos on set using a 55inch flat screen.
Chosen images are then magazine edited: removing hard lines, blemishes, brightening eyes, tightening chins or jawlines, and more!